Industrial Fluid Processing

Fluid'Inox is an expert in industrial fluid processes.

Our comprehensive expertise is based on different kinds of industrial fluid networks and utility networks, including gaseous, liquid, cryogenic and heat transfer fluids.

Our expertise in industrial fluid processes applies to several different industries: the semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical industry, research centres, laboratories, photovoltaics, nuclear industry, food processing and cosmetics.

Gaseous fluid networks:

  • Propane, butane, nitrogen, carrier gas, speciality gases (toxic, corrosive and flammable)
  • Clean, pure steam
  • Compressed air
  • Recovery of solvents and acids
  • High pressure/low pressure reduction station
  • Storage tanks, vaporising, expanding and counting equipment
  • Air networks
  • PED equipment
  • Gas detection
  • Vacuum line for equipment / pump
  • Exhaust pump / machine

Liquid fluid networks:

  • All food-related, cosmetic and pharmaceutical fluids
  • Cooling water
  • Ultra-clean, deionised, demineralised and ultra-filtered water
  • Distribution of alcohol
  • Solvent
  • Acid

Cryogenic fluid networks:

  • Azote liquide
  • Hélium liquide

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